Our intention is to be of service by sharing yoga with everyone regardless of fitness level, age, experience or background.

Yoga for Kids

Why Mwangaza?

Mwangaza means “light”

Mwangaza yoga is playful and lets children be children, while supporting creativity, focus, peace, connection and concentration

Mwangaza brings a highly qualified yoga teacher to your school, camp or home, once or more per week to provide the joy, health, and discipline of yoga through a 45 minute class of warm-up, stretching, games, strength building and life lessons for your students.

As part of the Africa Yoga Project, Mwangaza yoga includes the most senior teachers from AYP who have also completed specialized training for Children’s yoga.


To organize a class, please email Susan at

Corporate Yoga:

Yoga for teams:

With Africa Yoga Project we bring yoga to YOU! We offer early morning, lunch break or after work yoga sessions that vary from mindfulness relaxation to a whole body power yoga workout.

Big teams - KES 10,000

1 hour session at a location of your choice for up to 25 people led by two AYP instructors.

Small teams - KES 3,000

1-4 people each additional person charged at KES 700 per person led by one AYP instructor

  • Rental Mats available at 200 per mat
  • Discount packages available for multiple classes per week

Prices valid through Dec 2016


Private classes

Private yoga sessions are an excellent way to begin your own practice or enhance the one you already have. Feel empowered by learning the fundamentals of yoga at your own pace. Ask questions when you like, take your time learning the poses, rest when needed and receive the individualized attention that you many not feel comfortable asking for in a group class.

Attentively guided by a trained Africa Yoga Project teacher, you will be empowered to find out what is possible in your yoga practice.  Our teachers are trained in Baptiste Yoga, a practice that supports you to raise your vitality and empower you to create accelerated results in your overall body strength and confidence. Your teacher will create a personalized, powerful class that will leave you shining on the inside and outside.

We can meet at your home or you can meet at The AYP Shine Center in Parklands, Nairobi.  We will begin by discussing your needs, concerns, questions and goals. Then we will work together to develop a practice that will transform you.

How many times should we meet?  Ideally, you should practice weekly or bi-weekly for a certain period of time, usually 3-6 months.  This sets up for success to reach your goals and address any deeper issues that may arise.  However, we can work together to create a program that works with your schedule and budget.

Group practice is an opportunity to share your practice with others in your life, whether it family, friends or coworkers.  You can also celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion for a one time group lesson. These sessions can be held in your home or at the AYP Shine Center.

To schedule a private yoga class, please fill out the online form below.  If you have questions regarding private lessons, please email and

Or find an instructor in our database