A Poem of Appreciation for HHH Summer 2016

T'was a sunny day in Nairobi and up at the gate,
Of Jomo Kenyatta airport four yoga instructors did wait...

Thus David, Nyakinyua, Brian and Millie boarded a plane, 
Not sure what was to come, but READY all the same!

This was the launch of AYP's HHH tour
Where Handstands, Hugs, Happiness and more was in store.

First up was California, New York and PA, 
And the amazing hosts made sure that during their stay
They explored the Liberty Statue and Golden Gate Bridge,
They shared dinners with host families and played with their kids.

The Tour crisscrossed the Nation, North, South, East, West, 
Nashville, Knoxville, Louisville with little rest. 

But rest was not what these Kenyan explorers sought,
But to share their stories, and inspire the lot
Of folks from Vermont to Kansas who joined
In events, from Louisiana to Virginia to drop a coin.
On fundraisers lasting weeks, days or hours
Enabling AYP more youth in Africa to Empower.

A new generation of yoga teachers was inspired when
At an outreach at iGrow Chicago young men
And women who had never practiced yoga before,
Not only joined in, but are now asking for more!

The adventures continued to NJ, Texas and Georgia
They discovered planetariums, zoos and paddle boarded in Florida!

Now our teachers are back home in Nairobi, 
with stories aplenty and new challenges for our yogis
of new poses, new stories they learned in their trip,
And happy to be home, even if only for a bit
For we know that their stories and travels will keep flowing, 
Thanks to the efforts of all, AYP can keep growing!

We send a HUGE THANK YOU and HUG to all of our hosts. 
You opened your homes, but of your hearts you gave the most!
And to everyone else who joined into the fun, 
With you in our community, look at what we have DONE!

So until next time, share a Hug, a Handstand or some Happiness if you like.
And to all a good Savasana... this week, today, tonight!


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Other prizes include AYP apparel and a coffee table book full of our inspirational photos of yoga breaking barriers and changing lives across Africa!

We are here for you!

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BIG impact challenge

Now, I can Talk!

"But now, I can talk. I can be happy, I can tell anybody what I want. I am free" - Mary Mwangi, Langata Women Prison tells AFP

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Africa Yoga Project On Yoga Journal!

“Our teachers come from impossibly challenging backgrounds, yet they have become leaders in their communities,” says Elenson, who lives in Nairobi. “One student told me, 
‘I used to use my hands for stealing; now 
I use them for healing.’ Our teachers 
are making a difference in ways big and 
small for Africa, for peace, for economic development, for health and wellness. 
They are creating a community I am proud to raise my two-year-old daughter in.” Read whole story on Yoga Journal


Written by Billy Sadia — August 10, 2015

Sharing from the Heart, Roberta Paxiao - Africa Yoga Project Ambassador


Using the adjective “proud” might not even begin to describe it. I am extremely proud to have followed my heart and got involved with Africa Yoga Project. I got to experience firsthand how this organization makes a difference every day, practicing: change.

First, it’s nice to go back and actually know how I got here. When I say here, it means a week after my arrival from my trip to Nairobi, where I spent two weeks.

Hawaii, February 2014. Level one training with the Baptiste Institute. A training led by Baron Baptiste where Paige Elenson assisted. At some point in that week, Paige talked about an organization that she directed and co-founded with Baron Baptiste: Africa Yoga Project. We saw the documentary “practice: change” and I was in tears. The reason it touched my heart so deeply was quite simply: Paige had the vision for an organization where people were empowering each other to make a change in each corner of their communities. That day, I wrote on my journal, action: learn more about AYP. Then, level two happened a month later, and since I was hooked, there I was. Paige led this training and I got to hear Walter (a teacher from AYP) and Paige talked about AYP and I got to see the same documentary again. Again, tears. Again, journal: “action: apply to be an ambassador from Africa Yoga Project”. And so I did.

My commitment with Africa Yoga project was this: I needed to fundraise $10,000 for them and once I completed my fundraiser I got to pay my own way to spend two weeks in Nairobi, Kenya. As I started my fundraiser, I made a goal with the AYP programs coordinator, Angie (at the time) that I was going to travel in the spring of 2015. As the challenges of fundraising arise and I started to doubt myself, Angie and I talked about actual dates and she said “you need to have your campaign completed 3 months prior to your departure” I said, no way, it won’t happen. Then she said I could change my initial plan and go later. I then said “no way”. Changing my commitment was not an option for me. So I didn’t changed it, AND I finish my fundraiser almost on time (about 5-6 days late). Once I understood that I had to become unstoppable, people followed me. My campaign was humbling, very challenging and extremely rewarding. I am so grateful to everyone that trusted me, what I was up to and my commitment to AYP. All those people were going to Kenya with me. Now, it was time to go to Nairobi.

Upon arrival there, Irene and Jon were waiting right at the exit door of the airport. Irene is the ambassador’s director, Jon my assigned “rafiki”(it means friend in Swahili). So my journey began.

The program is designed in two weeks: first week is about receiving, the second, giving. So in my first week, I got to go to two outreaches (places where AYP teachers teach yoga) a day. I got to witness the work done on the ground. For some classes I assisted, others I taught yoga and even taught dance. Oh, and another very important part of this week: I got to be hosted for lunch at an AYP teacher’s home. I wish I could tell you what I loved the most about this week, and I just cannot. Every part of it was so wonderful, masterfully coordinated by Irene, who by the way, would solve major issues throughout our days with no sweat and without me even knowing about them…..This week was truly remarkable. From an orphanage, to a silent yoga class (where the teacher and students were deaf), to a community hall or school. All these places had the same thing in common: joyful faces when the AYP teacher arrived and an even more joyful faces when the class began. To me the biggest learning and take away was this: TEACH, SHARE, ANYWHERE, TO ANYONE, ANYHOW. What a lucky woman I am to witness the positive impact that sharing the passion for yoga has in each corner of each community I went. Thank you AYP teachers. You taught me every day how to practice: change.




You would think that I couldn’t feel any fuller and complete after my first week. For a day or so I kind of thought that too. The thing is, I still had my “giving” week to go. I actually got to teach contemporary dance (my profession) for 4 hours, during three days and with a final “showing day” of two hours. It was amazing! The level of appreciation for me and for what I had to offer was incredible. I actually taught a pretty intermediate level workshop. And it was challenging. And it was fun. And it was unforgeable. Every day after my classes, I would say thank you in our final circle and I would choke up. I am so thankful. Thankful for the welcoming that I received from every participant and their willingness to do it. We danced, we laughed, we created. Thank you. Honestly, the week didn’t feel that it was about “giving” to me. I was certainly on the receiving end of acceptance, appreciation, and joy.

To top it off, I taught the amazing Saturday community classes and had a blast!

During my time there, I felt safe, supported, taken care of and a part of AYP. I wish I could bring the wonderful Shine Center with me. And I am. I actually have all of my new friends and all the communities they work at with me. Through inspiration, acceptance, kindness, empowerment and the willingness to PRACTICE: CHANGE. I am forever grateful. Now on to planning my next fundraiser.


Written by Nikki Eason — June 26, 2015

Kawira Nyaga (Kenya) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar

Kawira Nyaga (Kenya) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar:  Courage, Perception, Responsibility, Discipline


The first outstanding thing that I can distinctively say has shifted for me is courage. You see I'm super passionate about yoga and the effect it has had in my life since I started practicing and for the longest time I've wanted to stretch myself out with it to going out and teaching what I have learned and continue to in my years of practicing.

After the teacher training was done, I was excited yes, but then the question of whether I'm actually going to do it started creeping in. Though still nervous to guide people in their practice, I have found courage to go out there and make connections whether I get rejected or not; that is something I didn't have before and I learned it's not a big deal to make mistakes through the groups that we were put in during the training.

The other thing that has shifted is the perception I have of me and my practice. For the longest time I've enjoyed being a student and now every-time I call or introduce myself a yoga teacher I feel there's a certain expectation that I put on myself and my practice, that was never there as a student.

I like the way it pushes me to learn and take responsibility for my growth as a teacher and at the same time the student in me just doesn't like it because I just want to practice and have fun. I'm still learning to have a balance between the teacher and student.

Last but not least, I thought I was disciplined before but I think I'm on a different level of discipline now with my practice and life in general. Thank you Africa Yoga Project, I am officially a yoga teacher.  -Kawira

Ndarake Aniefiok (Nigeria) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar

Ndarake Aniefiok (Nigeria) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar:  His journey across Africa



Am so happy being selected one amongst the numerous number of participant to take part in this great game of reality, I call it GAME OF REALITY” because my mentality has been change and have been intuited mentality of Love, Peace, Joy, Unity and numerous to mention, I can’t believe myself being real and sincere to people, but just a game of 200HRS I was transform, Flexibility, Body stretches, Life expansion, Peace of mind is being accountable for in my Life.

I want to use this medium to advice and encourage people living with the Word Stereotype” this word is so powerful in human life which make one stuck in life and career, So my advice is please fellow Africans use this sentence GIVE UP WHAT YOU MUST” for stereotype so you can move forward in Life, They is proverb that says “NO GOOD THING COMES EAZY” people have start criticizing me of worshipping idol, indulge in cultism but I never mind because if nobody talk about you that means you are nobody, so I now realize that am somebody and am also taking a good steps.

In just 200HRS in Nairobi, Kenya am transform, Empowered and have become person many are looking-up to, person who give breakthrough to people living in Stuck Or Stagnant situation, my vision has shifted from imagination to reality, am made to understand that Great men of today started from One step yesterday, so what am I waiting for pushing my steps to success and reality to diminish imagination.

These is a One in a Life time experience, which every person had to be indulge and engage, I want to acknowledge Africa Yoga Project for shifting my vision and giving nuclear vision in Life, If not for Yoga game of Love who will I be in my home country.

They story has just begin sit-back and relax for continuity of my story, thank you each and everyone in Africa Yoga Project.  -Ani

Written by Nikki Eason — May 30, 2015

Michelle Mulala (Kenya) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar

Michelle Mulala (Kenya) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar:  How Teacher Training opened her eyes.




Teacher Training was eye opening!

I was transformed in the way that I now speak to people, the way that I react when offended, and the way that I look at life in general.

I see people for who they are, not for what they are wearing or how they talk. I understand that it’s OK to just listen to people’s problems and not give advice, its OK to let people experience their own pain without trying to make it better. The three concrete results in my life are

  1. I am able to keep eye contact and just hold the space when someone is talking to me.
  2. I am a way better listener.

I chose myself at the training and that has carried on to my daily life, I no longer feel like a failure just because I fail once, I am confident about myself and I feel its OK to mess up.

Mukisa Jackson (Uganda) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar

Mukisa Jackson (Uganda) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar:  His perception of his own life changed.



I loved my teacher training experience.

My perception about my own life changed totally, I learnt that the greatest repentance is self-acceptance; this discovery helped me to gain a high self-esteem and notice that am not inadequate to cause transformation now know that with in me there is positive power and ability to transform the community and the world at large.

Since teacher training I have started teaching yoga in my community and I keep growing in confidence every day. I also recognize the greatness of others in my community and I am determined to help them see it too.