The body never lies. ~Martha GrahamSoon after community  yoga class on Saturday, Don approaches me. He asks whether my project on telling people’s stories is still on. I am excited but I wasn’t quite prepared for what he was going to say next. It turns out he is a 24 year old male who could easily pass for an 18 year old. He has sickle cell anaemia.

His story reads like a medical miracle.  On a routine visit to the doctor, he was told he needed to do some form of exercise. Lucky for him, he had just been to AYP and had learnt about yoga. He told this to his doctor who encouraged him to take it up.

Sickle cell anaemia, as a hereditary disease, prevents someone from doing what other ‘normal’ people do. Tasks that we take for granted, such as running, are a tad more difficult for him.

When I ask him how yoga has helped him, he responds that he enjoys it because it is a personal experience, it his practice. His friends and family have noticed the change in his health and outlook. He has endurance, and can do the whole two hour sequence comfortably.

Thanks to yoga, he feels ‘normal’ again.

That is the miracle of yoga.

Brenda Orata

Written by africayogaproject — October 26, 2012


Caroline Zimva:

That is such a lovely story. I am just training as a yoga instructor. I lost two brothers to the disease and I am looking into targeting sufferers of the disease to help them strengthen their bodies against crisis.

Thanks for sharing this.


March 23 2014 at 01:03 AM

Elizabeth Allen:

Good morning Africa, hope all is well over their. I am an African loving yoga and it has change my life. I hope one day your program could reach to all of Africa. Lots of love to all.

September 06 2014 at 07:09 AM

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