Charles Lwanga

I have been practicing yoga since 2009. My love of yoga began after reading about the practice in a foreign magazine. I was impressed by the poses one could make through their body. In 2013, I completed my Level One and Level Two Certifications in Baptiste Power Yoga. I am also a certified Level One Kundalini instructor and am certified as an Ashtanga teacher.

Recently, I have been teaching yoga and meditation to my martial arts students, a group of women and children. I love yoga and hope to spread the health benefits of the practice in having harmony through healthy mind and body, bringing a sense of peace and harmony to the soul. Practicing yoga allowed me to quickly recover after an accident, allowing me to get back on my feet.

My mission is to spread and share yoga to as many people as possible, especially educational institutions, by instilling personal discipline and promoting healthy lifestyle. I also enjoy learning languages and am able to understand and speak many local Kenyan languages and international ones. 

I teach many classes during the week and have even taught yoga to the staff of a local airline.


Africa Yoga Project delivers global wellbeing in and from Africa. We practice and teach Yoga with a deep conviction that the potential to change the world lives in each of us. Our bodies and minds must be connected in order to create lasting change. We deliver tools to bring wellbeing to the world, one body at a time.

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