My home, my family & Next Generation Yoga.. In Kenya!

By africayogaproject
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on May 03, 2012

It has been 5 days since my arrival to the Africa Yoga Project home. My time spent here so far has been nothing short of amazing & unbelievable. I still have trouble believing that I am actually here touching, tasting, seeing, hearing & smelling all of the wonders & beauty that Kenya holds.

My experience thus far, has opened my eyes & taught me more about myself than I could’ve imagined in such a short time. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve made amazing new friends & become part of a family that I will share a connection with for the rest of my life.

Aside from the wonder of being in the company of the radiant smiles of all of the AYP teachers, I’ve spent my fair share of time in the WC the last few days. Thus my delay in blogging… And among countless new friends, Immodium & Pepto Bismol are right there at the top of the list. It’s so frustrating to have some of my experiences be tainted by the fact that my tummy is singing non-stop, but I’ve come to terms with it & continue to hold hope that it will pass swiftly.

Despite my tummy troubles, this morning I woke up with kid’s yoga tunes & games playing in my head as I prepared to teach a Children’s Yoga Workshop to the AYP Teachers. Unsure of what the morning would hold, I set up paper plates & crayons & had the teachers set to work creating their suns.

The teachers giggled & glistened as purple, pink & blue streaks marked their canvases. As I led a class, identical to one that I would lead for children, radiance was bursting from every teacher in our circle.

I shared my knowledge & wisdom learned from Next Generation Yoga’s founder, Jodi Komitor. The training I completed with sweet Jodi in April lit up my life & it was inexplicably inspiring to share passionately what I learned with the AYP teachers.

Through the eyes of the teachers present, the workshop left them feeling inspired, wise, happy, playful, knowledgeable, childlike, playful, light, & empowered. My world, my life & my self took on a new meaning as I listened to their words of gratitude & joy.

I continue to be lifted up, inspired & encouraged by each and every AYP teacher every morning. I can’t express my gratitude & appreciation for this opportunity to be here as an Ambassador for AYP. Tummy troubles or not, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world than right here with my Kenyan Family.

With Love & Light, Katy Mason


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